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Download SSC MTS Answer Key - 30th April and 14th May 2017 Exams

SSC MTS Answer Key 2017 Download details: We have two exams completed of SSC MTS 2017 on 30th April and 14th May 2017. Candidates can have a clear picture on what type of question will be asked for the third exam scheduled on 28th May 2017. We have got full questions with answer keys here. You can also download pdf for question paper answer key of 30th April and 28th May form below. Staff Selection Commission has conducted the second session of the re-exam which was canceled on 30th April due to paper leaking on 14th May in different exam centers in India.

SSC MTS Answer Key

SSC MTS Answer Key 2017

Students can download both Answer key PDF of first two exams through our link below.

SSC MTS Answer Key 14th May 2017 - Download PDF

So you all are searching for the answer key of 14th May SSC MTS exam. You are in the right place. We have got full questions and answers for MTS exam 2017 here. Make sure to take a print out or save as PDF on your PC for future reference. You can easily get a complete idea to prepare for the third MTS exam on 28th May 2017.

SSC MTS Answer Key 2017 will be available through the official website of Just find out the answer key link and download as PDf or word document. Stay tuned for text file of MTS Answer Key 2017 here.

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SSC MTS Answer Key 30th May 2017 - PDF Download

You can find full answer key of MTS exam for 30th May 2017 below.


Directions  :  In  questions  no.1  to  4,  select  the
related  word/letters/number  from  the  given

1.  9 : 8 : : 16 : ?
A.  17        B.  14
C.  27        D.  18
2.  Nose : Face : : Finger : ?
A.  Body        B.  Arm
C.  Hand       D.  Palm
3.  Cricket : Pitch : : ? : ?
A.  Wrestling : Track
B.  Boxing : Ring
C.  Ship : Dock
D.  Boat : Harbour
4.  STAR : TSRA : : ROSE : ?
A.  ORES        B.  ESOR
C.  SORE        D.  ORSE
Directions : In questions no.5 to 7, find the odd
word/letters/number from the given alternatives.
5.  A.  PRST        B.  MLNO
C.  ACDE        D.  HJKL
6.  A.  17        B.  19
C.  13        D.  15
7.  A.  Pen        B.  Paper
C.  Marker      D.  Highlighter
8.  Which one of the given responses would be
a meaningful order of the following?
1.  Key        2.  Door
3.  Lock        4.  Room
A.  1, 2, 3, 4      B.  1, 3, 2, 4
C.  1, 2, 4, 3      D.  4, 2, 1, 3
Directions :  In questions no. 9 and 10, a series
is  given  with  one  term  missing.  Out  of  the  four
alternatives,  choose  the  alternative  that  will
complete the series:
9.  6, 12, 20, 30, 42, ?
A.  52        B.  56
C.  50        D.  53
10.  BDF, CFI, DHL, ?
A.  EJO        B.  EMI
C.  CJM        D.  EIM
11.  Find  the  missing  number  from  the  given
8   7    9
4   5    6
9   6    ?
288 210    162
A.  8         B.  7
C.  3         D.  4
12.  The  present  ages  of  Vikas  and  Sujit  are  in
the ratio of 5 : 4 respectively. Three years
hence,  the  ratio  of  their  ages  will  become
11 : 9 respectively. What is Sujit’s present
age in years?
A.  24        B.  18
C.  27        D.  6
13.  From the given alternatives select the word
which cannot be formed using the letters of
the given word :
A.  LATIN      B.  RIOT
C.  RENT        D.  TALENT
14.  IF  ‘MOHAN’  is  coded  as  ‘KMFYL’,  then
‘COUNT’ will be coded as
A.  MSLAR      B.  SAMLR
C.  MASRL      D.  AMSLR
15.  Some  equations are  solved on the basis of
a  certain  system.  Find  out  the  correct
answer  for  the  unsolved  equation  on  that
9 * 8 63, 7 * 8 49, 5 * 6 25, 11 * 7 ?    
A.  70        B.  66
C.  121        D.  77
16.  If  ‘+’  means  ‘×’,  ‘-‘  means  ‘+’,  ‘×’  means
‘÷’  and  ‘÷’  means  ‘-‘  then
12 2 6 7 5 ?     
A.  39        B.  40
C.  37        D.  38
17.  Two statements are given, followed by two
conclusions, I and II. You have to  consider
the  statements  to  be  true,  even  if  they
seem  to  be  at  variance  from  commonly
known facts. You are to decide which of the
given  conclusions  can  definitely  be  drawn
from  the  given  statements.  Indicate  your
Statements :
All men are aggressive.
All children are aggressive.
Conclusions :
I.  Men are children.
II.  Children are men.
A.  Both  conclusion  I  and  conclusion  II
B.  Neither  conclusion  I  nor  conclusion  II
C.  Only conclusion I follow
D.  Only conclusion II follows
18.  A  man  walks  from  a  point  towards  south.
He  turns  right  at  right  angle,  then  again
turns right at right angle. In what direction
is he walking now?
A.  North        B.  South
C.  East        D.  Wast
19.  A piece of paper is folded and cut as shown
below  in  the  question  figures.  From  the
given  answer  figures,  indicate  how  it  will
appear when opened.
Questions figures :
Answer figures :
20.  How  many  rectangles  are  there  in  the
given figure?
A.  5         B.  9
C.  4         D.  8
21.  Which  of  the  following  diagrams  correctly
represents the relationship amongst
Tiger, Elephant, Animal ?
22.  Which answer  figure  will  complete  the
pattern in the question figure?
Questions figures :
Answer figures :
23.  From  the  given  answer  figures,  select  the
one  in  which  the  question  figures  are
Questions figures :
Answer figures :
24.  A  word  is  represented  by  only  one  set  of
numbers  as  given  in  any  one  of  the
alternatives.  The  sets  of  numbers  given  in
the  alternatives  are  represented  by  two
classes of alphabets as in the two matrices
given  below.  The  columns  and  rows  of
Matrix I are numbered from 0 to 4 and that
of  Matrix  II  are  numbered  from  5  to  9.  A
letter  from  these  matrices  can  be
represented first by its row and next by its
column, e.g., ‘E’ can be represented by 04,
21, etc., and ‘P’ can be represented by 56,
79,  etc.  Similarly,  you  have  to  identify  the
set for the word ‘MAXI’.
A.  68, 00, 65, 76  B.  86, 66, 56, 67
C.  67, 65, 44, 75  D.  76, 56, 34, 57
25.  If  a  mirror  is  placed  on  the  line  MN,  then
which  of  the  answer  figure  is  the  correct
image of the question figure?
Questions figures :
Answer figures :


19.  A  woman  introduces  a  man  as  the  son  of
the brother of her mother. How is the man
related to the woman?
A.  Uncle        B.  Cousin
C.  Nephew      D.  Son
20.  Select  the  number  which  does  not  belong
to the given series :
3, 9, 18, 30, 44, 63, 84
A.  44        B.  18
C.  30        D.  63
21.  C is  younger than D. A is  older than B but
younger than C. If D is younger than E but
older  than  A,  then  who  is  at  the  third
position in order of increasing age?
A.  C          B.  B
C.  E         D.  D
22.  If Wednesday was the first day of January,
2014, what was the last day of that years?
A.  Wednesday     B.  Monday
C.  Thursday     D.  Tuesday
23.  Five  men  A,  B,  C,  D  and  E  read  a
newspaper. The one who reads first gives it
to  C.  The  one  who  read  last  had  taken  it
from A. E was neither  the first nor the last
to read. There were two readers between B
and A. B passed the newspaper to whom?
A.  D          B.  E
C.  A         D.  C
24.  Arrange  the  following  words  as  in  the
dictionary and choose the third in order:
Scope,  Sceptile,  Septic,  Scapegoat,  Scrapbook
A.  Scapegoat    B.  Scope
C.  Septic      D.  Scrap-book
25.  In  a  line  of  boys,  Shyam’s  position  from
the  left  is  17
and  from  the  right  is  19
How many boys are there in the line?
A.  34        B.  37
C.  36        D.  35
26.  What  was  the  rate  of  discount  if  a
computer  with  marked  price  `  30,000  was
sold for ` 28,000?
C.  15%        D.  20%
27.  A trader marks the sale price 25% more on
cost price and gives a 10% discount at the
time of selling. The gain percent is
12 %
11 %
C.  12%        D.
12 %
28.  Peter  bought  an  item  at  20%  discount  on
its  original  price.  He  sold  it  with  40%
increase on the price he bought it. The new
sale price  is greater than  the original price
(in percent) by
A.  8         B.  7.5
C.  12        D.  10
29.  The speeds of three cars are in the ratio of
1  :  3  :  5.  The  ratio  among  the  time  taken
by these cars to travel the same distance is
A.  15 : 3 : 5      B.  15 : 5 : 3
C.  5 : 3 : 1      D.  3 : 5 : 15
30.  `  1,980  is  divided  among  A,  B  and  C  so
that  half  of  A’s  part,  one-third  of  B’s  part
and  one-sixth  of  C’s  part  are  equal.  Then
B’s part is
A.  ` 660        B.  ` 1,080
C.  ` 360        D.  ` 540
31.  There are  222 red balls in a basket. A boy
takes  out  6  red  balls  from  it  and  replaces
them by 12 white balls. He continues to do
so till all the red balls are replaced by white
balls. Determine the number of white balls
put in the basket.
A.  111        B.  333
C.  222        D.  444
32.  The  least  number  to  be  subtracted  from
16800 to make it a perfect square is
A.  219        B.  159
C.  249          D.  169
33.  A can do a piece of work in 30 days while B
can do it in 40 days. In how many days can
A and B working together do it?
days    B.
C.  70 days      D.
34.  3  men  and  5  women  can  do  a  work  in  14
days  while  5  men  can  do  it  in  14  days.  5
men  and  5  women  can  complete  the  work
A.  11 days      B.  10 days
C.  12 days      D.  13 days
35.  Three  small  lead  spheres  of  radii  3  cm,  4
cm  and  5  cm  respectively,  are  melted  into
a  single  sphere.  The  diameter  of  the  new
sphere is
A.  7 cm        B.  8 cm
C.  12 cm      D.  6 cm
36.  The  height  of  a  right  circular  cylinder  is
three  times  the  radius  of  the  base.  If  the
height  were  four  times  the  radius,  the
volume would be 1078 cc more than it was
previously. Find the radius of the base.
A.  5 cm        B.  7.5 cm
C.  7 cm        D.  6 cm
37.  A shopkeeper sold one-third of his goods at
a  loss  of  15%.  To  get  a  profit  of  10%  on
the  whole  transaction,  he  should  sell  the
remaining articles at a profit of
16 %
B.  15%
C.  25%        D.
22 %
38.  An  examinee  has  to  secure  40%  marks  to
pass  an  examination.  He  secures  180
marks  and  fails  by  an  equal  number  of
marks.  The  total  number  of  marks  in  the
examination is
A.  1000        B.  1050
C.  800        D.  900
39.  The  monthly  salary  of  Mr.  Sachdev  gets
increased  by  5%,  thereby  his  salary
becomes  `  15,  120  per  annum.  His  earlier
monthly salary (before the increase) was
A.  ` 1,200      B.  ` 1,240
C.  ` 1,440      D.  ` 1,320
40.  Two  trains  of  equal  length  are  running  on
parallel  lines  in  the  same  direction  at  46
km/hour  and  36  km/hour.  The  faster  train
passes the slower train in 36 seconds. The
length of each train is
A.  80 m        B.  82 m
C.  50 m        D.  72 m
41.  A  man  walking  at  3  km/hour  crosses  a
square  field  diagonally  in  2  minutes.  The
area of the field (in square metres) is
A.  5000        B.  6000
C.  2500        D.  3000
42.  `  600  is  divided  among  A,  B  and  C,  `  46
more  than
of  A’s  share,`  20  more
of  B’s  share  and  `  10more  than
of  C’s  share  are  all  equal.  Then  A’s
share is
A.  ` 170        B.  ` 280
C.  ` 140        D.  ` 150
43.  The  average  of  prime  numbers  between  1
and 20 is
C.  8         D.  9
44.  A  certain  factory  employed  600  men  and
400  women  and  the  average  wage  was  `
2.55 per day. If a woman got 50 paise less
than a man, the daily wages of a man and
a woman were
A.  Man ` 5.30, Woman ` 2.50
B.  Man ` 2.50, Woman ` 2.00
C.  Man ` 3.25, Woman ` 2.75
D.  Man ` 2.75, Woman ` 2.25
45.  Rahul buys a book for ` 400 and sells it for
`  500. The difference between his profit as
a  percentage  of  the  buying  price  and  then
as a percentage of the selling price is
A.  5%        B.  0%
C.  20%        D.  25%
46.  A, B and C invested ` 13,000, ` 17,000 and
`  5,000  respectively  in  a  business.  At  the
end  of  the  year,  they  earn  a  profit  of  `
1,400. B’s share of profit is
A.  ` 410        B.  ` 630
C.  ` 720        D.  ` 680
47.  The  least  number  of  years  in  which  a  sum
of  money  on  19%  p.a.  compound  interest
will be more than double is
A.  4 years      B.  5 years
C.  2 years      D.  3 years
48.  B  borrows  `  5,000  from  A  at  8%  p.a.
simple  interest  and  leads  it  to  C  at
compound interest of 10% p.a. If B collects
the  money  back  from  C  after  2  years  and
repays  A,  the  profit  made  by  B  in  the
transaction is
A.  ` 500        B.  ` 450
C.  ` 600        D.  ` 1,050
Directions  :  The  following  histogram  shows  the
relationship  between  the  marks  obtained  by  the
students  and  the  number  of  students  in  an
examination.  Study  the  histogram  and  answer
the questions no. 49 and 50.
49.  The  percentage  of  students  who  obtained
40 marks or less is
A.  less than 25, but not 15
B.  more than 24
C.  15
D.  25
50.  The  ratio  of  the  number  of  students  who
obtained  60  or  more  marks  to  that  of
students who obtained 60 or less marks is
A.  15 : 19      B.  14 : 17
C.  16 : 16      D.  15 : 16


49.  The  greatest  length  of  the  scale  that  can
measure exactly 30 cm, 90 cm, 1 m 20 cm
and 1 m 35 cm lengths is
A.  15 cm      B.  30 cm
C.  5 cm        D.  10 cm
50.  If  the  ratio  of
 
 
 
 
be  5  :
4, then the value of n is
4 
5 
2 
3 
Directions :  In questions no. 51 to 60, a part of
the  sentence  many  have  errors.  Find  out  which
part of the sentence has an error and blacken the
circle  (.)  corresponding  to  the  appropriate  letter
(A, B, C). The sentence is free error, blacken the
circle  corresponding  to  “No  error”  in  the  Answer
51.  I did not see/Meenu/since Monday/
(A)      (B)      (C)
No error.
52.  While I was driving home./I heard some
(A)                (B)
shocking news /at the ratio./No error.
(C)      (D)
53.  The old man/is too weak /to walk./No error
(A)      (B)        (C)      (D)
54.  Everyone of us has to be/very vigilant to
(A)              (B)
safeguard/our hardly won liberty./No error
(C)            (D)
55.  Yesterday, I met a man/who was blind/
(A)              (B)
with the right eye/No error
(C)        (D)
56.  The two first chapters of this book/are very
interesting,/the remaining ones are boring.
(B)          (C)
No error
57.  The manager is having his problems/but
we have/ours as well/No error.
(B)    (C)        (D)
58.  The large balloons/I bought for Christmas/
(A)            (B)
is very nice./No error
(C)      (D)
59.  Every member of the committee/have been
(A)                    (B)
present/at all the meetings./No error.
(C)          (D)
60.  I will try to/tell to you/what you must do./
(A)    (B)            (C)
No error.
Directions  :  In  questions  no.  61  to  70,
sentences a gives with blanks to be filled in with
appropriate  word(s).  Four  alternatives  are
61.  Karen  sat  at  the  table  _________  a
A.  fidgeting      B.  looking
C.  reading      D.  writing
62.  Two  _________  were  sent  to  garrison  the
A.  regimes      B.  troops
C.  regiments    D.  armies
63.  The  Ambassador  was  better  __________
than the other delegates.
A.  presentable    B.  bred
C.  prepared      D.  thoughtful
64.  He aimed the blow _________my left eye.
A.  at         B.  from
C.  to        D.  in
65.  The  river  abounds__________  fish  and
A.  of        B.  at
C.  on        D.  with
66.  The  auditor  was  asked  to_________  the
A.  check        B.  spot
C.  cheque      D.  count
67.  Every  student  had  to  abide  _________the
ruples and regulations of the hostel.
A.  by        B.  against
C.  with        D.  in
68.  Coventry is_____________ Birmingham.
A.  next        B.  beside
C.  near        D.  nearby
69.  To err is _______, to forgive divine.
A.  natural      B.  kindness
C.  humane      D.  human
70.  The  village  is  _________Sheffield  (in
England). It’s only six miles away.
A.  near        B.  before
C.  along        D.  by
Directions  :  In  questions  no.  71  to  73,  out  of
the  four  alternatives,  choose  the  one  which  best
expresses the meaning of the given word.
71.  Recollect
A.  Remember    B.  Unite
C.  Assemble      D.  Return
72.  Grave
A.  Still        B.  Serious
C.  Sad        D.  Dead
73.  Advance
A.  Give        B.  Change
C.  More forward   D.  Bend
Directions  :  In  questions  no.  74  to  76,  out  of
the  four  alternatives,  choose  the  one  which  best
expresses  the  meaning  opposite  to  the  given
74.  Cautious
A.  Inviting      B.  Careful
C.  Exude      D.  Daring
75.  Flippant
A.  Warm      B.  Urgent
C.  Busy        D.  Earnest
76.  Lethal
A.  Harmless     B.  Just
C.  Good       D.  Secure
Directions  :  In  questions  no.  77  to  79,  four
alternatives  are  given  for  the  Idiom/Phrase
underlined  in  the  sentence.  Choose  the
alternative  which  best  expresses  the  meaning  of
the Idiom/Phrase.
77.  Our  manager  is  feared  by  everyone  for  he
is as hard as nails.
A.  unrelenting     B.  fearsome
C.  strict        D.  powerful
78.  We talked over  the  matter  for  an  hour  but
without any result.
A.  fought about    B.  discussed
C.  surveyed      D.  assessed
79.  He  struck  several  bad  patches  before  he
made good.
A.  went through many illnesses
B.  had many professional difficulties
C.  came across bad weather
D.  eliminated many difficulties
Directions  :  In  questions  no.  80  to  84,  a
sentence or a part of the sentence is underlined.
Below  are  given  alternatives  to  the  underlined
part  which  may  improve  the  sentence.  Choose
the  correct  alternative.  In  case  no  improvement
is  required,  blacken  the  circle
  •
to “No improvement” in the Answer Sheet.
80.  The hill is too high for climbing.
A.  for climbing up
B.  for going up
C.  to climb
D.  no improvement
81.  I  can  always  count  on  him  in  times  of
A.  count at him
B.  count on he
C.  count him on
D.  no improvement
82.  The  economic  environment  is  of  late
conducive for major political changes.
A.  conductive with
B.  conducive to
C.  conducive about
D.  no improvement
83.  My interest in Physics has decreased.
A.  has diminished
B.  has shortened
C.  has been deceased
D.  no improvement
84.  There was a few drop of rain.
A.  was a few drops
B.  were a few drops
C.  were a few drop
D.  no improvement
Directions  :  In  questions  no.  85  to  89,  out  of
the  four  alternatives,  choose  the  one  which  can
most  appropriately  substitute  the  given  word(s)
or sentence.
85.  Made or done without previous preparation
A.  Impromptu    B.  Urgent
C.  Prompt      D.  Immediate
86.  A house where children with no parents are
taken care of
A.  Hospital      B.  Nursery
C.  Orphanage    D.  Creche
87.  An uneducated person
A.  Clown      B.  Instructor
C.  Illiterate       D.  Joker
88.  A person learning a trade under someone
A.  Secretary      B.  Clerk
C.  Apprentice    D.  Assistant
89.  That which is unlawful
A.  Court       B.  Bail
C.  Illicit        D.  Legal
Directions  :  In  questions  no.  90  to  95,  four
words  are  given,  out  of  which  only  one  word  is
correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.
90.  A.  Pessimism    B.  Pessimmism
C.  Pessimisism    D.  Pesimisism
91.  A.  Suppose      B.  Suppos
C.  Supose      D.  Suposse
92.  A.  University    B.  Uneversity
C.  Univarsity    D.  Universitee
93.  A.  Marryiage    B.  Marrage
C.  Marriage      D.  Mariage
94.  A.  Innumarable    B.  Innumereble
C.  Innumerable    D.  Inumerable
95.  A.  Guarantee    B.  Guaranty
C.  Guarenty     D.  Gauranty

Directions  :  In  questions  no.  96  to  100,  read 
the  following  passage  carefully  and  choose  the 
most appropriate to each question out of the four 

Radium  is  a  white  powder  that  looks  like  tablesalt. A pound of it is worth a thousand pounds of
gold.  Radium  is  very  costly  because  it  is  so
scarce.  A  mere  pinch  of  it  is  worth  a  small
fortune.  There are only a few spoonfuls in all the
world.  But  radium  is  so  powerful  that  too  much
of it would be dangerous. If a pound or two could
be gathered at one spot it would kill people who
came  near.  Through  radium,  scientists  hope  to
learn how to change one element into another. It
would  be  interesting  and  profitable  to  change
other  metals  into  gold.  But  it  would  be  worth
more  to  man  to  learn  how  to  get  all  the  power
from the atoms to do man’s work.
96.  Radium is considered dangerous because
A.  it  would  kill  millions  due  to  its
B.  it is so scarce.
C.  it  would  tell  us  how  to  get  power  from
D.  it  would  help  us  to  turn  other  metals
into gold.
97.  The antonym of ‘scarce’ is
A.  abundant      B.  wealth
C.  rare        D.  insufficient
98.  What  is  the  main  subject  of  discussion  in
the passage?
A.  Radium      B.  Salt
C.  Gold        D.  Silver
99.  The word ‘fortune’ here means
A.  freedom      B.  power
C.  inheritance    D.  wealth
100.  Why is radium very costly?
A.  It is found in small quantities.
B.  It helps man do his work.
C.  It is very useful.
D.  It is powerful and dangerous.


101.  Which  of  the  following  authorities  is/are
competent  to  issue  writs  for  the
enforcement of Fundamental Rights?
A.  Supreme Court
B.  Supreme Court and High Courts
C.  Parliament
D.  President
102.  Which of the following is used as a logo of
the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature?
A.  Camel      B.  Lion
C.  Dear        D.  Panda
103.  Which  of  the  following  contains  Alberuni’s
account of India?
A.  Futuh-us-Salatin
B.  Tarikh-i-Yamini
C.  Kitab-ul-Hind
D.  Chochnama
104.  Buddha  gave  his  first  sermon  at  the  Deer
Park in
A.  Sarnath       B.  Sanchi
C.  Lumbini      D.  Magadha
105.  ‘Mohen-jo-daro’ in Sidhi means
A.  The food of Pashupathi
B.  The land of Shiva
C.  The mound of the dead
D.  The city of evil spirits
106.  What was Hampi known for?
A.  It  has  the  largest  stable  in  medical
B.  It  had  the  translation  of  the  Indian
epies to Persian
C.  It was the capital of Vijayanagara
D.  It was the capital of Goleonda
107.  What was Kuomintang?
A.  A faseist party in Japan
B.  A terrorist organisation in China
C.  A nationalist party in China
D.  A nationalist party in Japan
108.  Where  is  the  Forest  Research  Institute  of
India located?
A.  Delhi        B.  Lucknow
C.  Bhopal       D.  Dehradun
109.  An economy in which there are no flows of
labour,  goods  or  money  to  and  from  other
nations is a/an
A.  mixed economy
B.  closed economy
C.  open economy
D.  slow economy
110.  Elasticity  of  demand  is  the  degree  of
responsiveness  of  demand  of  a  commodity
to a
A.  change in the price of substitutes
B.  change in consumer’s tastes
C.  change in its price
D.  change in consumers’ wealth
111.  The price of a commodity is the same as
A.  Total cost     B.  Average cost
C.  Total revenue    D.  Average revenue
112.  Which one of the following is not a feature
of monopoly?
A.  Heavy selling costs
B.  Barriers to entry of new firms
C.  Price discrimination
D.  Single seller of the product
113.  The supply of labour in the market depends
A.  the size of population
B.  the  number  of  person  hours  put  in  by
each person
C.  the  proportion  of  the  population  in  the
labour force
D.  All the above
114.  The term ‘Faternity’ in the Preamble  of the
Indian Constitution means a sense of
A.  statehood    B.  love and affection
C.  brotherhood    D.  friendliness
115.  Who presides over the sitting of the House
of People?
A.  The Chief justice of India
B.  The Speaker
C.  The President
D.  The Vice President
116.  How many languages are recognized in the
Schedule of the Indian Constitution?
A.  16        B.  20
C.  14        D.  22
117.  Vegetables  are  cooked  in  lesser  time  by
adding  a  pinch  of  salt  while  cooking
A.  latent  heat  of  vaporization  of  water
B.  latent  heat  of  vaporization  of  water
C.  boiling point of water decreases
D.  boiling point of water increases
118.  Hydraulic brakes in automobiles work on
A.  Pascal’s principle
B.  Archimedes’ principle
C.  Bernouili’s principle
D.  Poiseuille’s principle
119.  The  basic  process  taking  place  in  nuclear
reactors is
A.  Fusion
B.  Fission
C.  Radioactivity
D.  None of the above
120.  _________is required to boot a computer.
A.  Operating system
B.  Assembler
C.  Complier
D.  Loader
121.  __________  is  the  part  of  the  Central
Processing Unit (CPU).
A.  Arithmetic and Logic Unit
B.  Keyboard
C.  Printer
D.  Monitor
122.  Direct access of file is also known as
A.  relative access
B.  file access
C.  sequential access
D.  random access
123.  Which  one  of  the  following  is  a
A.  Insulin      B.  Glycine
C.  Glucose      D.  Urea
124.  The source of oxygen in atmosphere is due
A.  Excretion     B.  Nitrogen fixation
C.  Respiration    D.  Photosynthesis
125.  Riboflavin is a/an
A.  Hormone      B.  Fatty acid
C.  Enxyme      D.  Vitamin
126.  Locomotory organ of a starfish is
A.  Paddle      B.  Muscular foot
C.  Flipper      D.  Tube feet
127.  The  latex  of  which  plant  is  use
A.  Sial kanta plant
B.  Rubber plant
C.  Banyan tree
D.  Papaya plant
128.  The  fuse  in  an  electric  circuit  is  connected
A.  parallel to live
B.  parallel to neutral
C.  series with live
D.  series with neutral
129.  Which one of the following is the indirect us
of forests?
A.  Checking soil erosion
B.  Building material
C.  Grazing
D.  Medicinal plants
130.  Which  one  of  the  following  States  produce
the largest amount of spices?
A.  Assam
B.  Karnataka
C.  Jammu & Kashmir
D.  Kerala
131.  The percentage of India’s forested land out
of total land is
A.  25%        B.  less than 25%
C.  33%        D.  Kerala
132.  Ahmedabad is situated along the bank of
A.  Narmada river  B.  Banas river
C.  Luni river      D.  Sabarmati river
133.  The only living tissue in plant xylem is
A.  Xylem fibre    B.  Xylem parenchym
C.  Trachied      D.  Trachea
134.  ‘Insectivorous plants’ trap insects for
A.  Fats        B.  Vitamins
C.  Carbohydrates  D.  Nitrogen
135.  Which  action  movie  star  was  awarded  on
November,  2016  the  honorary  Academy
(Oscar)  Award  for  this  extraordinary
achievements in the movies?
A.  Guy Ryder    B.  Ferdinand Marcos
C.  Jackie Chan    D.  Anil Kapoor
136.  Which  ground  is  called  the  ‘Meeca  of
A.  Melbourne Cricket Ground
B.  Green Park
C.  Lords
D.  Eden Gardens
137.  Where is FIFA, 2018 scheduled to be held?
A.  Spain        B.  Argentina
C.  Russia      D.  Portugal
138.  Which  one  of  the  following  has  not  been
launched  during  the  tenure  of  the  NDA
Government at the Centre?
A.  MGNREGA Programme
B.  Swachch Bharat Abhiyan
C.  Ujjwala Yojana
D.  Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
139.  Which one of the following organisations is
a financial institution?
A.  IFCO        B.  SEBI
C.  ICICI       D.  KVIC
140.  NITI Aayog is a
A.  Think Tank
C.  Constitutional Body
D.  Statutory Body
141.  Which  one  of  the  following  manages  the
computer resources?
A.  Programmes    B.  Texts
C.  Exit        D.  Boot
142.  Over  the  years,  birth  rate  in  India  has
__________and death rate had ________.
A.  risen, risen
B.  fallen, risen
C.  fallen, fallen
D.  risen, fallen
143.  Malathion is a/an
A.  fumigant      B.  preservative
C.  pesticide      D.  insecticide
144.  The working of a dry cell is based on
A.  Spontaneous  oxidation  -  reduction
B.  Combination reaction
C.  Electrolysis
D.  Decomposition reactions
145.  Biosphere refers to
A.  the  part  of  ocean  inhabited  by  plants
and animals
B.  the  portion  of  the  earth,  including  the
oceans,  the  land,  the  soil  and  the
atmosphere  inhabited  by  living
C.  the  atmosphere  surrounding  the  living
D.  the area of the land inhabited by living
146.  Which of the following causes swine flu?
A.  Fungi        B.  Tapeworm
C.  Virus        D.  Bacteria
147.  Which  of  the  following  is  the  lower
atmospheric layer?
A.  Stratosphere
B.  Troposphere
C.  Hydrosphere
D.  Lithosphere
148.  Which  of  the  following  phenomena
supposedly associated with global warming
A.  La Nina
B.  EI Nino Modaki
C.  Southern Oscillation
D.  EI Nino
149.  The Ranganatha Temple is situated at
A.  Tirupati      B.  Chennai
C.  Srirangam    D.  Kanchipuram
150.  Who  among  the  following  is  a  famous
Indian painter?
A.  Yamini Krishnamurthy
B.  M.F. Hussain
C.  Ravi Shankar
D.  Balamuralikrishna


1.  C
2.  D
3.  B
4.  A
5.  B
6.  D
7.  B
8.  B
9.  B
10.  A
11.  C
12.  A
13.  D
14.  D
15.  B
16.  D
17.  B
18.  A
19.  D
20.  B
21.  A
22.  B
23.  D
24.  A
25.  B
26.  B
27.  D
28.  C
29.  B
30.  D
31.  D
32.  B
33.  B
34.  B
35.  D
36.  C
37.  D
38.  D
39.  A
40.  C
41.  A
42.  D
43.  A
44.  D
45.  A
46.  D
47.  A
48.  B
49.  A,  B  (answer
is 24.19)
50.  C
51.  A
52.  C
53.  D
54.  C
55.  C
56.  A
57.  A
58.  C
59.  B
60.  B
61.  C
62.  B
63.  A
64.  A
65.  D
66.  A
67.  A
68.  D
69.  C
70.  A
71.  C
72.  D
73.  C
74.  C
75.  D
76.  A
77.  C
78.  B
79.  B
80.  C
81.  D
82.  B
83.  D
84.  B
85.  A
86.  C
87.  C
88.  C
89.  C
90.  A
91.  A
92.  A
93.  C
94.  C
95.  A
96.  A
97.  A
98.  A
99.  D
100.  A
101.  B
102.  D
103.  C
104.  A
105.  C
106.  C
107.  C
108.  D
109.  B
110.  A
111.  B
112.  C
113.  D
114.  C
115.  B
116.  D
117.  C
118.  A
119.  B
120.  D
121.  A
122.  C
123.  C
124.  D
125.  D
126.  D
127.  B
128.  C
129.  A
130.  D
131.  B
132.  D
133.  B
134.  D
135.  C
136.  C
137.  C
138.  A
139.  B
140.  D
141.  A
142.  D
143.  C
144.  C
145.  B
146.  C
147.  B
148.  C
149.  D
150.  B

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